One good deed today, a full-fledged organisation tomorrow

This question goes out to folks in Pune – how many times have you walked past the Sasoon hospital? In fact even if you’re not from the city but frequent it often, you would have passed by it as it’s located really close to the city’s train and bus station. But have you ever wondered about the patients here? Well, I didn’t give too much of a thought to them either till I visited the hospital as part of a volunteering experience with GiveIndia. I learnt that day that the hospital lends a comforting hand to distressed patients and their families; families who live below the poverty line.

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How it all began

SOFOSH was primarily established with the noble intention of financially aiding economically challenged patients of Sassoon The organisation has grown over the years and has its fingers in numerous social welfare causes today. In fact, the story of how the organisation came about and its growth thereafter is quite an interesting one.

The story goes back to 1964. At that time, the Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) area was coming up. Given the industrial nature of the same, there were many accidents that used to take place as a result. In most cases, workers were victims in these accidents. They clearly didn’t earn enough to pay for the required treatment.

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Volunteering Opportunities

The day I visited ( which was a Saturday), there were about 10 volunteers playing with and entertaining the children. Besides spending time with the kids, you could help with a bunch of other activities. Details of the same are available on the SOFOSH website.

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