Sarthak Prayas

Emergency Blood Donor Bank, Ration Distribution, Birthday Project, Green India and more

Started in 1999 as emergency blood phone help line, Sarthak Prayas now works for four majorcauses —creating the longest chain of emergency blood donors, providing education and human values to children, giving benefits to senior citizens, and greening the environment for future generations.

Mission Save Life, which is their dream project, is also their very first program. The notion behind this project is to create a human chain of emergency blood donors who will always be available to donate blood in an emergency.

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How it all began

GE-Countrywide, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd, Wipro BPO Solution Ltd, Hutchison Essar (or Vodafone), American Express—these are some of the companies where Harsh Arora has worked. Today, he is founder and CEO of Sarthak Prayas as well as Improve Life Human Value Management Pvt Ltd. Harsh describes his past occupations as “corporate jungle,” a place which he had to get out off to breathe.. During our meeting, I couldn’t keep myself from asking him questions about his transition from someone who loathed his job to someone who is completely content with his success and current life style. An average 12th grader studying in a Government school generally worries about board examinations, results, college admissions and the like. Harsh clearly wasn’t your average 12th grader. He envisioned a different future for himself. So, after finishing high school, he, along with six of his friends began helping others and doing deeds purely out of the desire to help others. This continued through college.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Donate blood, help organise blood camps, be a guest lecturer at their school, help in the updation and maintenance of their Joomla website and more. Sign up as a volunteer filling out your skills and areas of interest and they will get in touch with you.

A glimpse into the lives changed

“Enjoy Life!” This piece of advice came from Harsh Arora, Founder and CEO of Sarthak Prayas, multiple times, during my conversations with him. “Harsh” means “happiness,” and he truly has been giving to it to needy individuals who have come across his path.

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