Sanskruti Samwardhan Mandal

Fighting poverty by taking the reigns on development

I left home after my Sunday afternoon cup of tea and headed to Mumbai’s CST station, to catch yet another train. This time to Nanded – a city located in eastern Maharashtra. When you get off the train the next day at 5am, no matter how groggy you are, you realise what this place is famous for. From the number of Sikh families around and the Gurudwara-style architecture of the station, it’s easy to tell that Nanded holds great historical significance for the Sikhs.

Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth spiritual leader of the Sikhs, had come to Nanded in 1708.

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How it all began

Spend a day (or two as I did) at Sanskruti Samwardhan Mandal and you’ll understand how one family has taken it upon themselves to develop the district of Sagroli. I’m fairly certain you haven’t heard of it. Well, neither had I till my visit to Sanskruti Samwardhan. Sagroli is one of nine districts of Nanded, which is a city in eastern Maharashtra. But what’s important is that they are working in a systematic area to make improvement in all gap areas – be it education, health, environment etc. in the area.

A look into the history books and you realize that passion for developing Sagroli is in their genes. The organization was set up in 1959, by Babasaheb Keshav Narayanrao Deshmukh.

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A glimpse into the lives changed

When I visited Sanskruti Samwardhan Mandal, a young lady named Rau spent the night in the guestroom with me. We got chatting and I was quite moved by her story. Which is why I have decided to share it here.

Rau has a big family. There used to be eight of them, now there’s seven – six sisters and her parents. While her father is no more, when alive, he used to work day and night to support his girls.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Check out the “Volunteer Type” dropdown menu on their website to understand what are the latest opportunities. Simply complete the form if any appeal to you.


  • The Sagroli Sunrise project has received the Real Heroes CNN IBN Award in 2006, for its outstanding contribution to sports.
  • The Bhoomi-Jal Samvardhan Award for being one of eight NGOs in the country to work commendably in the field of conservation of water, soil and other natural resources.
  • Taluka Bhushan (TB) Award by BiloliTaluka Press Forum in 2013 on the occasion of World Women’s Day for its contribution toeducation and women empowerment.

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