Sankara Eye Care Institutions, India

For every one person treated, another 4 are treated for free – helping Sankara perform 1 million free vision restoration surgeries for the underprivilged

It’s not till I visited the Sankara Eyecare Institutions in Bangalore did I learn that India has more blind people than any other country in the world. Of course, a simple Google search would have told me that. But how often do sighted people like you and me really look up those kinds of statistics?

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How it all began

The history of Sankara Eye Care Institutions is steeped in belief and perseverance. Its story goes back to the 1970s when a young doctor with a flourishing practice in Coimbatore decided that there was something more he ought to be doing as a medical professional. At that time, he was not clear what he wanted to do to change that, but fate had it all planned. A chance visit to the Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple in the city provided him with just that opportunity: under the guidance of the Seers of the Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt, the temple trustees were planning to set up a health care centre exclusively for the poor.

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Recognition received by SECI

International Recognitions:

Asian Hospitals Management Award, 2008 – Manila, Philippines Asian Hospitals Management Award, 2009 (Excellence Award) for its Comprehensive Paediatric Eye Care Programme, Vietnam

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