Sangopita – A Shelter for Care

A sparing setup for special children

On a hot September morning,I made my way to Badlapur, to meet up with Mr. and Mrs. Ravindra Sugwekar, who run one of GiveIndia’s listed NGOs for special children, Sangopita. Little did I realize how humbled I was going to be by my experience of the day. Sangopita was set up in 19X by Mr. and Mrs. Ravindra Sugwekar when they were unable to find viable long-term care for their special child Aditya. They tried to find an appropriate home for him, failing which, they decided to set one up for him. This basic, non-fancy, bare-bones setup is home not only to Aditya but to 45 other children too. And though sparing a setup, it provides these children with the care that they need.

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How it all began

Sangopita was been set up by Mr. and Mrs. Ravindra Sugwekar, back in 19X. Themselves parents of a special child, Aditya, their main motivation for setting up Sangopita arose from the difficulties they faced in finding appropriate care for him in the Thane-Badlapur area. Mr. Sugwekar recalls the days his wife used to travel with Aditya from their home in Badlapur to the Fellowship of the Physically Handicapped in Haji Ali – a two-hour commute one way, daily. He recalls, “It’s really tough to travel with a special child in Mumbai’s local trains. But what alternative did we have?”

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A glimpse into the lives changed

There’s no better way to understand the impact an organisation for special children makes than my speaking to the parents of some of these chldren. Here’s what some of the parents, whose wards are at Sangopita, have to say:

“This organization is secure and its staff is most hardworking and affectionate. My daughter is being properly taken care of with love and affection. I feel very secure about my daughter’s future.” – Satish Parab.

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Volunteering Opportunities

    • Speech therapists/occupational therapists who can devote their time once in a while to help improve the condition of these children
    • Someone who can help redo their website
    • Help with MIS preparation in excel and feedback submission to GiveIndia
    • Help with making presentations (PPTs)

Volunteers need not visit the center regularly. Maybe once to understand the work and take with them all the required information/photos. They can then work out of home at their own time.


  • Awarded Nonprofit-of-the-month by in October 2006
  • Mrs. Sugwekar was awarded the “Best Mother” award from the local rotary for setting up Sangopita along with her husband for their son Akshay.

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  1. Hi,
    I am Physiotherapist by profession(female 36yrs),had worked more then ten years in this field both clinically and in teaching,in india and abroad too. Would like to do volunteer work for your organisation. I reside in badlapur. U can email me if u need any help. I have all equipments and good experience in paediatrics, Have seen your bhendshil centre from out,looks very beautiful

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