Salaam Bombay Foundation

By diverting children’s energy towards sports and dance, this NGO keeps tobacco and alcohol consumption at bay

It’s said that an idle mind is a devil’s workshop; and it is this principle that forms the operating model of Salaam Bombay Foundation. The organisation was founded in 19X to reduce the number of underprivileged children falling prey to substance abuse. And they do this by channeling children’s energy towards positive hobbies like sports and dance instead.

Seems like a common-sense approach, don’t you think? I mean, after all, when we were children, outside of school, we attended sports and other coaching classes to keep us from spending our days lounging in front of a television set, munching away on popcorn.

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How it all began

The roots of Salaam Bombay Foundation can be traced to the Bombay riots of 1992; and the number of children who were orphaned as a result. It was during this time that the thought of helping children first came to Founder Padmini Somani’s mind.

But it was much later, in 2001,that Salaam Bombay Foundation was officially registered – sparked off majorly by a personal traumatic event in Padmini’s life. At that time, Padmini was a few years into a business career, having completed her degree from the London School of Economics.

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Volunteering Opportunities

You can volunteer your time to teach academics to school and college children, computers, dance, music, tailoring or any other useful skills to the children.

Recognition received by Salaam Bombay Foundation

Mukti Foundation – In recognition of outstanding contribution to tobacco control , 2007

Qimpro Gold Standard – Statesman for Quality in Healthcare – 2010

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