Sahaara, Mumbai

Gifting Dreams

Sahaara, Mumbai is one of those organizations that grew from a voluntary good-to-do initiative to a full-fledged organization. As an initial voluntary effort, they realized that underprivileged people also have a dream; and working with them to help them realize the same is how they could truly change lives. The organisation’s vision thus came to be “Gifting Dreams” and they do so through a bunch of initiatives.

These include Azaad, which is the Hindi word for freedom. Azaad works with prisoners/ex-prisoners in the four prisons of Mumbai as well as in those of Nashik, Taloja and Sangli. Their teams visit the prisons on a regular basis and spend time with the prisoners there, with the aim of using their sentence time to prepare them to be acceptable members of society.

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How it all began

How many times has a beggar-child approached your window at a traffic signal? And how many of those times have you turned away and just let out a big sigh when s/he went away? A sigh of helplessness, of guilt, of empathy?

In the year 1994, eight friends in Mumbai realised that they could not be mute spectators and decided to do something about it. Thus, Sahaara was birthed. Arthur Thangiah, one of the eight friends, quit his job at IBM to give Sahaara shape and direction.

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A glimpse into the lives changed

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteer to teach at the CWC, Chembur – you can either teach computers or give tuitions/coaching to the children. Get in touch with Sahaara, Mumbai to understand what this entails.


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  1. Today i am touched by the initiative by the minority people of bareilly, the had made free 15 of prisoners who were booked and were in jail for petty crimes like ticket less travel and have no money to pay fine. people made contribution and made free 15 of such people and they all are having tears in thier eyes, because of poverty and ticket less travel too may people are in jail, for thier release NGO’s had to come forward.(article in today’s times of india, mumbai)

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