Priyadarshini Seva Mandali

by Deepa Garimella

This organisation is run by a family who are moved by the plight of the poor

Old-Age Home:
A grey-haired man who thinks he is 12 years old, since he is stuck in the past because of a traumatic incident in his teenage years.

An elderly man who is stuck in his childhood after a snake scared him.

A weak, senile man who was found on the road appallingly sick with breathing issues – because he was making a living (running a weighing machine) in one of the busiest, most polluted streets of Hyderabad.

An elderly lady who has seizures 3-4 times every night.

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How it all began

Mrs. Aruna, a native of Khammam, has been working for social causes since 1991. An energetic, strong-willed lady whose father educated her well and brought her up to be independent, even in the days when women were not very independent, she took to being a social worker because that was her calling. She founded Priyadarshini Seva Mandali (PSM) in 1991 in Khammam, having named her organization after Indira Gandhi. Like-minded people also joined the board of PSM. Currently, the operations of the various projects of PSM are handled by her, her son Vamshi, and board member Uma Rani (she handles the Khammam projects), all of whom are very hands-on with the needs of their beneficiaries.

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