Paripurnata Half-Way Home

This NGO rehabilitates mentally ill women back into society

I arrived at Paripurnata Half-Way Home by auto rickshaw, my first taste of the Indian monsoon season as there had been heavy rainfall the night before. I was greeted by the organisation’s Honorary Secretary, Mr. Prabir Basu, who then went on to share with me details of their operations as well as the daily routine of the women living here.

Paripurnata rehabilitates mentally ill women with the aim of integrating them into mainstream society. Rehabilitation takes place in a number of ways but is divided into four main categories.

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How it all began

The main force behind Paripunata Half-Way Home is Dr. Joyce Siromoni. A medical graduate (1954) from Christian Medical College, Vellore and D.(Obst.) RCOG from London (1960), Dr. Siromoni has worked in various hospitals in the U.K. and India. She has also been involved in various community health programmes including care of leprosy patients.

In 1967 there came a single most important turning point in her life, when she helped to establish The Medico Pastoral Association, Bangalore, India’s first Halfway Home and helmed it as Honorary Secretary.

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Recognition received by Paripurnata Half-Way Home

Founder Secretary, Dr. Joyce Siromoni has received:

  • The 2004 Paul Harrison Award from CMC Vellore conferred
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation (Indian Chapter) in 2005
  • The CNN-IBN Real Heroes Award in 2010

The organisation has received:

  • The Ladies Study Group Charitable Trust Annual Award, for “its outstanding contribution towards psychosocial rehabilitation of mentally ill,” in 2007
  • The Oindrilla Jatiyo Sangeet Academy Award for “its dedicated services to the most marginalized sections of our society” in 2012

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