Pahal Jan Sahyog Vikas Sansthan

This NGO treats slum dwellers in Indore for just Rs. 5

On a Monday morning, I paid a visit to Pahal Jan Sahyog Vikas Sansthan’s medical center in Khajrana, located just a few minutes away from the Khajrana temple, where the initial seeds of the organisation were sown. A small, non-descript entrance lead to 4 hospital-like rooms. These serve as Pahal’s OPD/IPD. In one room vaccinations are done, in another medicines are distributed, and the last serves as the Gynecological room catering to women only.

The medical center was set up in 2010, when a baseline survey revealed that a large of children in Khajrana (which comprises of 52 slums) had not received a single vaccination. The survey also revealed that pregnant women did not go for regular checkups during their crucial nine months; only if they felt unwell, would they make an occasional trip to the doctors.

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How it all began

“Never doubt that a group of ordinary people can bring about change. Infact, that’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead’s famous words are more than apt for the MP-based PJSVS. Born out of the goodwill of 9 friends, who wanted to give back to society, their good acts have become a full-fledged formal NGO today.

It all started back in 2000, when 9 school-friends had moved on to different colleges in Indore. Conscious of the fact they were fortunate to get good educations, the topic of giving back to society formed a common discussion when they met up. So to put some action behind their words, they started celebrating birthdays, anniversaries etc.

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