Neptune Foundation

An organisation that lives up to its motto.

To the uninitiated, the Neptune Foundation could be seen simply as the corporate social responsibility arm of the Neptune Group, but to the team at both the company and the foundation, it is far more. The Foundation has become the channel through which employees of the Neptune Group, a leading real-estate company, are able to give back to the societies they work in and for. Founded in 2010, just like its buildings, this young organisation has built its foundations on sturdy ground.

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How it all began at Neptune Foundation

The Neptune Foundation has been built under The Neptune Group, one of India’s leading real-estate companies. Social work has been the Group’s focus – even during its initial stages. As it grew brick by brick, there was a clear vision to give back to the communities they build in. Quite socially conscious, the company strives to follow a high ethical standard, keeping karma in mind. They believe that being fortunate enough to lead decent lives, it is their duty, their karma, to contribute as much as they can to the less fortunate.

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