Mumbai Mobile Creches

Giving children on construction sites a childhood to remember

Mumbai is the perennial city of dreams, the city of Bollywood, a city where one and all enter with a glimmer of hope in their eyes, almost as if this is the lottery ticket that will transform their life and elevate them to the life they have always dreamt of. And while we come across several rags-to-riches stories of several of these aspirants, these represent only a handful of the total swathe of migrants entering Mumbai every day. A large percentage of these migrants are constantly struggling, coming to terms with the ever-so-demanding life of Mumbai and spend a lifetime doing so.

The construction industry is one such industry with one of the largest number of migrant laborers in India. Estimated to be over 30 million in number, these men and women move to cities with their children and live directly on construction sites.

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How it all began

Mobile Crèches was founded by Meera Mahadevan in 1969 in Delhi on the belief that every child has the fundamental right to security, education, health care and protection.

A housewife at the time, she was passing a construction site when she was struck by the sight of a baby lying unattended and exposed to the harsh heat. The next day, she set up a tent, hired some help and started the first Mobile Crèche. This initiated a social movement whose guiding principle was – Early Childhood Matters.

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Volunteering Opportunities

MMC requires volunteers for HR, communications, finance, documentation, centers meeting with mothers and English communication skills.

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