Muktangan is not just an NGO. It’s a way of teaching

“My name is Sapo and I work in the button factory.” One day my boss came to me and asked, “Are you busy?” I pressed a button with my left hand and said, “No.”

Tunes of the famous Button Factory nursery rhyme greeted me as I walked into the Khedgali Municipal School on Sayani Road. It wasn’t a music class in progress but rather a class in Biology for primary school children. They were being taught about their different body parts – left hand, right hand, left leg, right leg, head etc. – through this song. Rather innovative and engaging a way to get a bunch of kids paying attention in a science class, wouldn’t you agree?

This is the theme for all classes that are run by Muktangan, a Mumbai-based NGO. Working in collaboration with municipal schools, Muktangan offers an innovative educational program that is affordable, of high-quality, and targeted at under-privileged children from economically disadvantaged sections of society.

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How it all began

Muktangan was founded in 2003 by the husband and wife team of Sunil and Elizabeth Mehta. An Educationist by profession, her passion for the same was sparked off by certain events; the principal one being when she was working with the Spastic Society of India. When one of her female students was not making sufficient progress, Mrs. Mehta decided to consult a visiting psychologist from the UK on the matter. He advised her on what she needed to fix. That she should be focusing on the individual progress of the girl – not setting goals for the child and trying to make her match these goals. That’s when Mrs. Mehta realized that the methodology adopted by most schools in India was wrong. They were all working to get students up to one level through examinations well-knowing that children develop at a different rate and frequency.

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A glimpse into the lives changed

Muktangan’s uniqueness lies in its style of teaching. At the end of the day, students emerge being literate and learned. Here’s a glimpse into their style of teaching that’s truely a gift to the underprivileged –

Volunteering Opportunities

There are many opportunities to volunteer at Muktangan with their children as well as teachers. Fill up this form on thier website and they’ll figure out a suitable volunteering opportunity for you based on your skills and the time you can spare.


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