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Pay a trip to MESCO to be impressed by its professionalism and social impact

A visit to the nonprofit MESCO left me impressed – truly impressed – in more ways than one. From the variety of programmes being implemented to the manner of selecting beneficiaries, to the meticulous processes followed, to the compassion and patience of the staff shown towards the beneficiaries that approached them – where do I begin to explain how MESCO stands out both professionally and in the impact that it makes?

This is an organisation that:

– has all its processes down to the tee. From their unique Kidney Dialysis lottery to their educational and rations programme. All programmes can boast of meticulous systems. Read More»

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How it all began

How many times does the thought of helping the poor cross your mind? Do you act on that feeling or do you just let it pass? Unlike most of us, Mohammed Abbas Khatkhatay and his friends just could not let that feeling pass. Which is why instead of just talking about it, they decided to actually do something about it.

Their idea was simple. The 7 friends would go door-to-door, collect old newspapers from peoples’ houses and donate the proceeds from the sale of the same. So, they hired two vehicles to cover South and North Mumbai; and at the end of the day sold off the newspapers to vendors offering the best price. Sale proceeds were utilized to provide school/college books to poor students. This is how they spent the first Sunday of every month back in 1968, not realising that they were sowing the seeds for what would become a large scale non-profit one day.

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A glimpse into the lives changed

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