Mahila Dakshata Samiti

Never underestimate the power of well-meaning women

Walking past this residential complex, one would believe that it is just a normal house with a family living inside. That is, until we walk in and discover that it is a home away from home for many women knitting a new life with optimism. It is a family counseling center and a short stay home for women in distress, “the NGO is a shelter for over 300 women with no other place to go,” says Saranya..

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How it all began

Mahila Dakshata Society (MDS) was originally established in the state of Andhra Pradesh by Mrs. Suman Krishnakanth. Suman’s spouse, Mr. Krishnakanth was originally a Parliamentarian and later the Governor of Andhra Pradesh. Life as the partner of a public servant gave her valuable insights into the trials and tribulations faced by Indian woman. Deeply concerned by the injustice and social evils plaguing the daily lives of this underprivileged section of society, she decided to contribute her mite by setting up a family counseling centre and a shelter home for abused and abandoned women.

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