Khushboo Welfare Society

by Rohini Vemuganti

This Delhi organisation supports the needs of the physically and mentally-challenged

The first impression of Khushboo reinforces all that the organisation stands for; you are welcomed by a cheerful beneficiary of the institution. When I visited, a smiling Rekha Sachdeva welcomed me and offered me a cup of tea and snacks. Rekha belongs to an underprivileged family and suffered from mental impairment and poor oral and linguistic skills. She enrolled with Khushboo in 1996 and was given expensive educational and vocational training by the organisation. Read More»

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How it all began

Sonali Savkoor’s story is one of conviction, perseverance and commitment. Born in a small town in Karnataka and raised in Madhya Pradesh, Sonali grew up with a rather broad-minded view of life. Her marriage, after completing her education in Home Science, gave her further opportunities to travel to various parts of the country and widen her exposure to her culture and its people at large.

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