Janmitram Kalyan Samiti

Making farming a profitable, year-long rather than an unprofitable four-month activity

It was a cloudy Sunday morning; just the perfect day for a drive through the hills. Lucky for me then that my visit to the Raigarh-based Janmitram Kalyan Samiti (JKS) was scheduled for the day.

Initially set up to enhance the livelihood of tribals as well as better manage natural resources in the area, the organization ventured into agriculture, health and skill development in the course of time too. JKS primarily works in northern parts of Chhattisgarh – an area that is dominated by scheduled castes and tribes.

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How it all began

Not many people have the courage to give up a secure job to take the path less trodden. Manish Singh is one of those people. An officer in the Chhattisgarh Forest Department, he gave up the position in 2009, after 13 long years of service.

While we trekked through fields in Kharsia block of Chhatisgarh, fields which once lay barren but had turned profitable now, thanks to the efforts of his NGO Janmitram Kalyan Samiti, he turned to me and said, “I feel really proud when I see fields green and flourishing, as a result of JKS’s effort.” So proud that he went on to ask me to take a photo of him with the fields in the background.

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Volunteering Opportunities

If you could spare a few hours a week helping Janmitram maintain an updated website, it would be extremely helpful. If interested, get in touch with them at janmitram@gmail.com.

Rewards and Recognition

Mr. Singh does not believe in filling application forms for awards. However, the following awards/recognitions have been received by Janmitram when authorities/institutions noticed the on-ground work and decided to appreciate their efforts:

• Excellent Lac Production Award, 2009 by the Indian Lac Reaserch Institute, Ranchi

• Appreciation by the Governor of Bihar, for relief work during the Kosi Floods

• Appreciation by the Ministry of Forests, Chattisgarh, for pictorial herbarium of wild medicinal plants in Chattisgarh

• District Level Award for the Promotion of Lac Handicrafts

• Appreciation by the Police Department for excellent contribution in Saving the Girl Child

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