Janaseva Foundation

An organisation that takes serving the poor seriously

It was my first trip to Pune and little did I realize it was going to be such a memorable one. Amidst heavy rains, I boarded a bus at the ever-crowded Dadar for the Maharashtrian capital.

It turned out to be a three and half hour serene journey as the monsoons made the ride through the ghats simply breathtaking. Little did I realize how the time pass by. A quick rickshaw ride from the Pune bustand, and I found myself at Janaseva Foundation’s office. The office also serves as a clinic for founder Dr. Vinod Shah’s Gastro practice. For the past 27 years, he has successfully kept both alive.

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How it all began at Janaseva Foundation

“Interaction with the poor reveal their needs and needs lead to our actions” says Dr. Vinod Shah a Gastroentologist by profession and founder of the Pune-based Janseva Foundation, Pune. A disturbing interaction while he was interning at Sassoon, the city’s government hospital, lead to the birth of this foundation. While leaving the hospital at the end of a long day, he noticed an elderly patient whom he had treated, lying on the road outside the hospital. When he spoke to the elderly man, he learnt that he had nowhere to go.

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Recognition received by Janaseva Foundation

Dr. Vinod Shah’s service has not gone unnoticed. He has been awarded and recognized by many organizations. To name a few:
1.Excellence in Social Work Award’, instituted by ‘World Foundation on Reverence for All Life’ presented at the hands of His Excellency Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India
2. Civic Award from Pune Municipal Corporation in recognition of his work both in the medical and social spheres

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