IDEA Foundation

An organisation that makes a child school ready

“A child without education is like a bird without wings.” After my interaction with Dr. Usha Pillai, founder of IDEA Foundation, I couldn’t agree with this statement more.

With an aim to prevent children from dropping out of school, IDEA Foundation and a sponsorship program for 2,500 slum/rural children in Pune city and Bhor. Lokmanya Colony, Kelewadi, Ramnagar, GopalWasti, Lakshminagar and Uttamnagar are some of the slums they work in, in Pune. A survey conducted by the organization in its initial years revealed that no such support was reaching these slums & villages from any another NGO or even the Government. Further, they comprised of people from really poor backgrounds.

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How it began at IDEA Foundation

A perceived gap is what usually leads entrepreneurs, both social and corporate, to set up their own ventures. The story is no different for Initiatives in Development and Education for All or IDEA Foundation.
Back in 1996, while Dr. Usha Pillai was pursuing her PhD on “Reasons and Interventions taken by NGOs and Government for addressing the issue of school drop outs,” from the University of Pune, she came across a handful of dissatisfying scenarios about education in government schools. .

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Volunteering Opportunities at IDEA Foundation

In the past, IDEA has provided volunteering opportunities to interns from TISS, Symbiosis, NarseeMonjee etc. They have spent their time teaching students English,Maths etc. Some helped conduct art-craft classes. Yet, others helped with social media promotion. These same opportunities are available with IDEA though the year. If interested, please mail Dr. Usha Pillai at to take it forward.

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