Hemophilia Federation (India)

An organisation that gives a normal life to the uncured

Hemophilia is an inherited disease that usually affects men. It is a rare bleeding disorder in which the blood doesn’t clot normally. A person with Hemophilia thus bleeds for a longer time than others after an injury. Further, he may bleed internally too, especially in his knees, ankles, and/or elbows. This bleeding may damage his organs and tissues and even be life threatening. In severe Hemophiliacs, even a minor injury can result in blood loss lasting days or weeks, or even never healing completely. In areas such as the brain or inside joints, this can be fatal or permanently debilitating.

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How it all began

The Hemophilia Federation of India was started in 1983 by the late Ashok Verma, who was himself a Hemophilia patient, to alleviate the sufferings of thousands of Hemophiliacs in the country. A small scale proprietor of a photo studio in Delhi, it was with great difficulty that Mr. Verma was able to avail of treatment in India for his condition.

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Rewards and Recognition

  1. Partnership with NACO (National AIDS Control Organization), Government of India.
  2. Registered under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860
  3. Licensed to Import Life Saving Drug – Anti Hemophilic Factor (AHF).

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