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Improving quality of life in the districts of Narmada and Bharuch, Gujarat

On a surprisingly hot morning in March, we (i.e. Gram Vikas Trust’s junior team and myself) drove 30 minutes out of Bharuch to a place called Jhagadia. Every kilometer away from the main city got more rural. From a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam, we were soon the only car on our chosen road, and then began sharing the path with herds of buffalos. I really found it hard to believe that we had driven down just 30 minutes! It came as no surprise then to see that the village had one aaganwadi and one school for all its children, and that every house kept goats and hens as pet, signaling that they relied on these animals for milk as well as part of their livelihood.

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How it all began

“I am blessed!! I am blessed because I was given, when I had absolutely nothing, the basics in life and was educated to utilize the basics to become who I am today. I will never forget the samaritans, who not only provided me with the basics but also taught me that a part of being human is to help others. After all humanity runs this world!!” – Mr. Ramesh Kasondra, Founder- Gram Vikas Trust

Ramesh was born, on the 7th of December 1963, into a farmer family in a small village, Motibanugar, in Gujarat, a drought prone region. Even though Ramesh’s father owned the agriculture land, but the poor irrigation facilities meant that the produce was not always sufficient to meet the needs of the family. Whatever resources were available, Ramesh always had to share them with his four other siblings. Sharing inculcated a sense of togetherness and giving within the siblings.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Gram Vikas Trust often needs in kind professional services and people to help with events, awareness building and other activities. If you are keen on volunteering with them, please send your updated resume/CV to

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