Gram Chetna Kendra

Rainwater harvesting tanks, toilets and sponsorship of school supplies, this NGO is taking small steps to give barren Rajasthan some life

When an open-air Mahindra jeep pulled up to pick me up for my visit to Gram Chetna Kendra (GCK), I was instantly excited. From colleagues who had visited before me, I knew that the GCK office was located an hour’s drive away from Jaipur. So an hour in this jeep meant enough time to take in life along the highway as well as some interesting pictures.

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How it all began

To understand how and why Gram Chetna Kendra came about, it is important to understand the conditions and issues of the Sambhar Lake area, which is where the organisation’s work is based.

Sambhar, which literally means salt, refers to India’s largest saline lake. With a record salt production that goes back 1,500 years, it is responsible for making Rajasthan the third largest salt producer in the country. Sambhar Lake’s catchment area spreads across the districts of Nagaur, Jaipur, Ajmer and Sikar.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Apply to them only if you’re willing to volunteer for atleast 2 weeks. Given the spread of their projects, it becomes necessary to dedicate atleast that much time to visit and get a good understanding of things. They would happily host you at their Tonk-based office. They’re specifically looking for someone who understands Hindi and can write well in English. The volunteer can help document the work that they do, put together their annual report, apply for award applications etc. If interested, please get in touch with

Rewards and Recognition

Gram Chetna Kendra’s achievements include –

Ameri Cares Spirit of Humanity Award 2013 – in recognition of its outstanding contribution towards healthcare for society in the “Child Nutrition” category

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