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Empowering the minds of these slum kids

A big two-storied building. All that one could hear while standing on the stairs were rustling of the leaves from the neem tree outside the gate. I was curious to know whether the school was open. I knocked on the wooden door and as it opened I realized I was at Richa Mohan’s office, which is also her home. She does her research mostly from here and visits the school at Sanjay Nagar,Ghaziabad.We started our 20-minute drive to the school. It was definitely a task reaching that place due to the bad roads.

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How it all began at Empowering Minds

A clinical psychologist from Delhi University (DU) by profession, Richa Mohan, the founder of Empowering Minds for Research and Development, is like a savior to the slum kids of Arthala, Ghaziabad. These kids were as she says, “Smart, sharp but didn’t have a direction to implement their talents.” During her college days, Richa was an active volunteer for social movements like Narmada Bachao Andolan, this gave her an idea about how a social sector works and what the main issues are.

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Volunteering opportunities at Empowering Minds

For volunteering opportunities at Empowering Minds, you can contact richa.mohan07@gmail.com


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