The Earth Saviours Foundation

A Saviour to the poor

The Earth Saviours Foundation gets its name from the efforts of its Founder – Mr. Ravi Kalra – who is literally a savior to the poor, living off the streets of Delhi. He says, “I drive around the streets of Delhi past midnight to spot abandoned people and bring them into my ashram; where I can give them food and medical care in addition to a roof over their heads.” He adds, “Everyone deserves a good life and I would like to contribute in giving one to these helpless people.”

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How it all began at The Earth Saviours Foundation

TESF has been set up by Ravi Kalra, one of the few individuals who literally has devoted his life for the welfare of less privileged people and to protect our planet – mother Earth.

Born and brought up in Delhi in a middle class family, he completed his studies from the University of Delhi. His father retired as a Delhi Police Inspector. His father’s tough commando and soldier skills inspired him to achieve the prestigious level 4th Dan black belt in Taekwondo Martial Arts in year 1987. He went on to become a self-defense instructor; and even a member of the Indian Amateur Taekwondo Federation.


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Volunteering Requirements

TESF requires volunteers with good English communication skills. If you could spend even a few hours a day providing support like responding to emails and answering to phone calls in the office, it will be helpful. Because at the end of the day, TESF’s difficulty in even paying their staff regularly, makes it difficult to hire long term resources.

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