Drishti School for Blind

An organisation that gives something more than a vision to the blind

The girls from the school showed me around and also taught me how not to fear darkness.While strolling around I find a few girls walking on the street with canes. I asked one of them to explain what they were doing.  “We are doing mobility training.We need to move parallel with it. This cane is our guide and it also tells us if there is any danger ahead. All we do is trust our instinct and walk,” says Aarti a 10th-grade student.

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How it all began at Drishti School for Blind

Mr. Shankarlal Gupta is himself visually challenged. It was inspiring to see this 60-year-old man charged up and enthusiastic. His energy was infectious. He works for BSNL Chitrakoot in the customer service department. He believes that every person is capable of self-dependency if he has the will power and patience to understand and take on any situation. He took me through his story and how his vision slowly faded making him a complete blind person. “I am Blind only by sight and not by heart,” he says..

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Volunteering Opportunities at Drishti School for Blind

For volunteering with Drishti, contact drishtiblindschool@gmail.com

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