Delhi Council for Child Welfare (DCCW)

DCCW’s Palna is a cradle where people abandon unwanted children

When I asked the rickshaw guy to drop me at DCCW, he seemed lost. I then explained, “Bhaiya, jaha pe gate ke bahar ek jhula hota hain baccho ke liye,” (A building which has a cradle placed outside) which immediately triggered a reaction that said “Haan madam, pata hein.” (Yes madam, I know now).

As I walked towards the organisation’s red brick building, I saw a four-walled chamber right beside the entrance gate. The chamber contained a wooden slab, on which was placed a cradle. With a Mickey Mouse bedsheet, it definitely looked adorable. But, it serves a heart wrenching purpose – it’s a cradle where people abandon infants they no longer want or can no longer support.

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How it all began

Delhi Council for Child Welfare was established in the year 1952 by a group of 10 women.

The Council first started its work among children who had been displaced, lost, or abandoned in the riots surrounding the partition of India in 1948 by providing them with mid-day meals and recreational activities. Over the years, they saw the need for expansion and approached the government for a place to start a full time charity. The Government consented and gave them a small plot of land in Quadsia Bagh with two small rooms. In 1963, Delhi Council for Child Welfare (DCCW) was registered as a 100% charitable organization with Mrs. Rajan Nehru as president.


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