DEAN Foundation

An organization that believes everyone has the right to die with dignity!

Unconditional love can make dying a transformative, peaceful experience. In palliative care units, it is not uncommon to find patients requesting euthanasia. When you look for the reason behind the request, most times it is because the patient cannot bear the pain. Once this problem is tackled, most of them get back to the business of living and the wish to die, ends.” explains Deepa

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How it all began at DEAN Foundation

Deepa Muthiyan, the founder of Dean Foundation was born in Renigunta, Andhra Pradesh and grew up in the Nilgiris. It has been said that very strong bonds are formed between grandmothers and granddaughters, both powerful and meaningful. Such was the relationship between Deepa and her grandmother. Her grandmother was a doctor herself lived and practiced in Tirupati. Deepa reminisces about how she used to look forward to the holidays with excitement every year. She recalls frantic knocks in the dead of the night, summoning her grandmother to attend a medical.She spent her holidays watching her grandma practice and help people in need at any hour. “I used to wonder if all doctors were like her- reaching out to poor people when they were ill, treating them no matter day or night.”.

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Recognition received by DEAN Foundation

Deepa was conferred the ElizbethKubler Ross Award in 2003 by the Children’s Hospice International, Virginia, USA. N. Chandrasekhar wrote her story in his book Incredible Champions.

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