Center for Social Security Action and Research

CSSAR ensures that children do not remain educated on paper only

The Center for Social Security Action and Research ’s (CSSAR) name is a misnomer; as the organization’s vision is to ensure that every child gets access to quality education irrespective of his/her social/financial background. Set up in 2008, this vision is met through its main activity, which is teaching slum children in Delhi. Currently, 463 are being taught in its centers across 4 slums in the city.
So how do they ensure that these 463 children are getting a quality education? Firstly, by limiting the student-teacher ratio to 15: 1, thus ensuring that every child gets adequate attention. Secondly, efforts are dedicated towards selection of teachers themselves.

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How it all began at CSSAR

Back in 2007, in Delhi’s biting Winter, Mr. Yogendra Jha was drinking tea at a roadside stall when he witnessed an incident that would play an important role in changing his career path. On the opposite side of the road, a passenger got into a hand-pulled rickshaw. The rickshaw-wala pulled his rickshaw just a step and then collapsed to the ground! The startled passenger as well as passersby thought he had fainted; but it turns out that he had died! On examination, they realized it was probably because of the cold as he had no warm clothes on him, and his body had turned partially blue.

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Volunteering Opportunities at CSSAR

CSSAR requires volunteers who could help them in social media promotion, writing reports and proposals. Desired training would be provided to do the same.

They also require an advisor for education who could help the organization achieve its goal.


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