Center for Social Reconstruction

by Rohini Vemuganti

An organisation that provides CSR provides material and emotional support to HIV+ people

Nagercoil derives its name from a temple located in the town. With windmills and coconut groves everywhere, it is situated on the coastal side of Kanyakumari, a 20 kms drive alongside the Bay of Bengal.

We walked into one of the coconut groves which was a kilometer ahead. There was no road but just a pathway created by the family I was visiting. It was an amazing walk amidst jackfruit trees, small river streams etc. But the family I was visiting, I soon learnt, was living on the edge. The land doesn’t belong to anyone, anytime they may be questioned and asked to leave.

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How it all began

It all started in the year 1974 when Mr. Ram was pursuing his college studies and there was a tussle for the Kanyakumari district between Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Unfortunately, the youth of the region were affected the most. When the youth went to Kerala for employment opportunities, the government officials would send them away referring to them as Tamil Nadu people. This resulted in high levels of unemployment amongst the youth of the district.

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