Catalysts For Social Action

Being parents to children who have lost their own

My visit to the NGO Catalysts for Social Action (CSA) came on a hot June afternoon. I headed north from the picturesque CST station and into the urban district of Thane. Coming from the UK, I was shocked to witness the midday rush of people hopping on and off the trains but managed to reach Thane and catch an auto rickshaw to CSA’s office.

CSA’s mission is to provide holistic care and optimum rehabilitation outcomes for orphaned children. In this endeavour, they have partnered with orphanages across the country; with whom they work very closely to fulfil the needs of the children. The decision to partner, rather than set up their own orphanages, was intentional.

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How it all began

Shibani and Vipul Jain are Adoptive parents whose life underwent a sea-change with the adoption of their daughter Saachi. The late Mr. Jinendra Prashad Jain, Vipul’s father was the silent force behind the adoption, convincing Vipul and Shibani that there were other alternatives to biological parenting. The difference that the adoption made to the family and to the child was so over-whelming that the parents wondered why they had waited so long! They felt that something needed to be done to promote this deserving cause.

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Volunteering Opportunities

In Bhiwandi I met a young American girl who was volunteering at the orphanage, helping the staff and playing with the children. However communication could be a potential issue here as the girls speak either Hindi or Marathi. CSA as an organisation have very small teams in each of their offices, only 7 people in their Mumbai office. Therefore anyone wishing to volunteer may be better appreciated by contributing to the administration side of the organisation, with potential opportunities in marketing and research. Contact in if you are interested.

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