Cancer Patients Aid Association

Cancer Stings! CPAA works towards taking the bite out of that sting.

Spend a day with Cancer Patients Aid Association’s (CPAA) team and you’re sure to be moved by their heart-warming stories. Stories that show how personal touch is as important a factor as correct medical treatment when it comes to curing life-threatening diseases. CPAA grasped this in as early as the 60s. The fact that Cancer could not be looked at just clinically; or cured by simply sectioning off the malignancy. It’s a disease that has far reaching implications that go beyond surgical and medical procedures. It spells fear, trauma, expensive treatment, side effects, social rejection, toppled economics and family life… and so much more.

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How it all began

Mr. Yogendra Kumar Sapru is the Founder Chairman & CEO of Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA). An experienced pharmaceutical professional, Mr. Sapru started his career with John Wyeth & Brother in 1963, where he progressed from the post of a Medical Representative to that of Marketing Director. Subsequently, he joined Johnson & Johnson in the pharmaceutical division for 10 years and the diagnostic division for 7 years. He retired as Executive Director in 1999. During the Johnson & Johnson stint he conceived of the idea that is CPAA today.

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Volunteering Opportunities

CPAA’s counseling cells at Cancer hospitals in Mumbai, New Delhi and Pune are manned partly by professional counselors and partly by volunteers. Both parties act as catalysts in making treatment effective – be it finding boarding facilities for patients from out of city, advice on hygiene and diet, stepping in with financial aid when necessary, providing nutritional supplements, help with linen, clothing and food grains, help with filling in forms or distribution of awareness literature, palliative care , rehabilitation, second-opinions. Anybody can sign up to be a volunteer. You’d need to complete their 3-day Psycho-Oncology volunteer training programme, which is held every month, before you do so.


  • Co-Founder Rekha Sapru was honoured with the Giants Award in 1999 for her exemplary work and outstanding contribution in the field of Social Service.

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  1. I live in Gurgaon, and want to help and work for cancer patients. Unfortunately I don’t know how to get in touch with the correct ngo. I would be grateful to help unconditionally. Need your help to connect me to a mnemonic organization in Gurgaon

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