Bhagini Nivedita Pratishthan Pune

Helping the Aam Aurat

Never underestimate the power of a common man is the theme of the 2013 Bollywood blockbuster “Chennai Express”. If a movie were to be made on not underestimating the power of the common women, then the growth and work of the Pune-based Bhagini Nivedita Pratishthan must feature in it!

Set up by a group of 10 women, to help women in need, this organisation exemplifies how passion and dedication, and not educational qualifications, can help you achieve much – whether it is caring for your own family or helping to better the lives of those in need.

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How it began at Bhagini Nivedita Pratishthan

It all began with Lilata, the eldest in age as well as leader of these 10 women. Back in the 1960s, as she aptly put it, India was independent, most women were not. Moreover, life was a daily struggle for them. Being illiterate themselves, how could they think of giving their children a good education and bringing them up to their best potential? Lilatai believed that bringing womens’ social status up meant bringing that of society, as a whole, up too. Which is why she decided that she wanted to help women – especially those in need. She started off by associating herself with Bhagini Nivedita Parishad in Sangli. And later on set up the same in Pune.

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Rewards and Recognition

BNP has received the following –

  • Pandita Ramabai Puraskar by Yashvantrao Pratishthan and Mazi Maitrin Charitable Trust
  • Best Institute Award by Kesari Maratha Trust
  • Jayantrao Tilak Award
  • Felicitation by CIPLA Foundation for Dedication and Perseverance

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