Bani Mandir

by Rohini Vemuganti

These are just some small ways in which Bani Mandir helps the poor

The impact Bani Mandir makes in the lives of the poor is clear from the stories of the people they have helped.

Like Ishita, a class 12th girl who studies in the same village. She is an average student. In her words “I used to fall behind all the students in my class when it came to Philosophy. Although there were tutors for math and other subjects, when it came to philosophy, there were none. Through one of my friends, I got to know about the remedial classes at Bani Mandir. I was coached very efficiently and my exam was easy to write.”

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How it all began

Bani Mandir was established in the year 1945 by likeminded primary school teachers in and around the village named Khordanahala.

Bani Mandir or the ‘temple of knowledge’ was started for the kids residing in the village. It was first a library, set up to inculcate a reading habit in children. In due course, they conducted welfare and development activities for the poor and needy. Initially, it was also involved in mass awareness, emergency aid etc.

Bani Mandir got registered in 1978 as an organization. The only project then was the library for school children.

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