Ashadeep Association

by Paula Donoso

Living up to its name, Ashadeep, brings children from darkness to light

The Mumbai-based Ashadeep Association is essentially the incredible result of its founder, Dr. Adelheid Hüffer’s initiative, dedication and love. Set up in 1976, the organisation has grown to 7 centres today – from 25 students in 1976 to 600 students today, reaching up to 1,000 including mothers and people who rely on their medical support.

“Ashadeep,” which means to bring from darkness to light, focus their mission on assisting children of single, widowed, bedridden parents, by providing much needed support to both parents and children; by working with them to inculcate teachings and lessons crucial to improving their respective lives.

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How it all began

The founding story of Ashadeep Association revolves very much around the life of one extraordinary lady, Dr. Adelheid Hüffer. Born on the 26th of October 1915 in Muenster, Germany, Adelheir studied social work and medicine which she completed in 1945 after which she practiced as a Doctor in the St. Franziskus Hospital in her home town, Muenster.

In 1951, her social work took her to Rhodesia, Southern Africa to work amongst the poor and ill under the inspiration of the Bishop of Muenster. Whilst working here, Bishop Westermann of Odisha succeeded in persuading her to come and continue her work in his diocese of Kalunga, India in 1952.

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Volunteering Opportunities

You can volunteer your time to teach academics to school and college children, computers, dance, music, tailoring or any other useful skills to the children.

Recognition received by Ashadeep Association

In 1983, Dr. Adelheid Hüffer was presented with the “Award of Officer’s Cross Of The Order Of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany”.

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