Adarsh Charitable Trust

A man is never as tall as when he kneels to help a child

I was overwhelmed with kindness on my visit to Adarsh Charitable Trust. As I walked into their three storey building, I was touched by the motivational quotes marked on the walls. Adarsh Charitable Trust does not try to hide disability and what children cannot do but rather focuses on the ability of the child and the positives of what they can do. Their motto ‘A man is never as tall as when he kneels to help a child’, reinforces the idea that we all have a duty to help those less fortunate in any way that we can. Children from the age of three months up to 15 years are encouraged to be brought to the school for therapy and training.

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How it all began

Jointly founded by K. P. Padmakumar and Neelakantan, Adarsh Charitable Trust was established as a day care center with only seven children, in June 1998. Taking into account the availability of financial and technical resources, they decided to start off with a school cum rehabilitation institute only for children with Cerebral Palsy. Later, in July 2003, with more experience and better availability of resources, a separate section for children with Autism was started. In 2008, sections for Down’s syndrome and Learning Disorders were also added. At present, there are around 120 children with Cerebral Palsy, over 50 children with Autism, 20 children with Down’s syndrome and over 30 children with Learning Disorders undergoing training.

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Volunteering Opportunities

Adarsh Charitable Trust welcomes volunteers to come and visit the centre and learn about the children and their individual stories. Many children in the early intervention room require a lot of attention due to their young age and so it can be helpful to the staff to have more people around. Volunteers can engage with the more academically advanced children, teaching lessons and developing their social skills. The organisation recognises the importance of research and experience so welcomes trained professionals to visit to gain further experience or conduct research.

Rewards and Recognition

• In 2013, Adarsh Charitable Trust received the trophy for taking part in the Lions International ‘Sports for the Differently Abled Games’ and were crowned as the overall champions at the event.

• In 2013, Adarsh Charitable Trust took part in the ‘All Kerala Special Olympics’ facilitated by Rotary International and were the overall winners.

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