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  1. I have been donating to the National organisation for Social Empowerment based in Tughlaqabad in Delhi. Can u pl; find how far the organisation spends its donations fruitfully?


  2. I understand that you ensure that 90% of donated money reach the NGO o which we are donating. Why are you syphoning off 10% of the amount of donation? If you claim to be transparent enough, you must clarify the same.

    1. Hi Shashank,

      Thanks for asking.

      The 9.1% donation retention covers all our costs including the due diligence, sending the money to the NGO, sending you your feedback report, the credit card charges which are often as high as 4% of your donation size*, and providing ongoing donor support including provision of online accounts and facilities.
      **For U.S.-tax paying donors on, Paypal charges 2.2% plus 30c per donation. For U.K.-tax paying donors on, Stripe charges 2.95% plus 0.25 Euros per donation as a fee for their services.

      You will find details about this 9.1% that GiveIndia retains in this old message from our founder Venkat: as well as the FAQs on the GiveIndia website.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.

  3. hello,…
    I am Manikishore, i am intersted to volunter for ann NGO.
    I stay in bangalore.

    kindly let me know about NGO’s in bangalore.

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