It’s not just a toilet … but dignity for rural Uttar Pradesh

It was a 4-hour journey from Delhi to Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh (UP). I would not say it was long, because it never seemed so, thanks to the sugarcane fields, kids and even a few horses that kept me busy during the journey. Being a south Indian myself, I was not acquainted with fluent Hindi, leave alone the fluent Urdu that the people of UP converse in. Nevertheless, I could pave my way and blend in through the journey with the help of the bus conductor, who could understand what I was trying to say..

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How it all began

Despite emotional, social and bureaucratic roadblocks, founder of the NGO Abhinav, Mr. Harendra Singh’s mission to help the community never faded. Here is his story.

Harendra Singh always had a passion for reading and writing, which lead to his main profession – journalism. He was curious about current affairs and the issues faced by the rural people in Uttar Pradesh (UP), and this was the catalyst in his laying the foundation stone for Abhinav in 1993. During his career in journalism, he worked for a newspaper as a columnist. As part of his work, he would travel across various villages in and around UP to collect stories and experiences of the villagers and their lifestyles.

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