10 NGOs making society equitable for women in India

There is one episode of violence against women every 20 minutes in India. 

50% of women in India believe that the violence inflicted by their partner is ‘normal’. They often accept discrimination against them as their destiny. There are enough reports to prove that every third woman in India faces domestic violence of various forms in the country. Their work also mostly goes unrecognized and unappreciated. Treated as an object in many patriarchal societies, they are often left to die during childbirth. Close to 50,000 women die from pregnancy-related causes in India. But who cares?

These women need support to be able to stand up on their own feet. With increased awareness, more organizations have taken a step forward to help women in India. Medical aid, maternal care, help against domestic violence are a few necessities that a lot of women still don’t have access to. Organizations cannot do this alone. Your support to any NGO for women in India is required to help Indian women stand on their feet.

1. Swasthya Swaraj

NGO for women : Swasthya Swaraj

Swasthya Swaraj has set up a model community health program in the Thulamul Rampur Block-the most backward and underdeveloped part of Odisha. The program focuses on health and education and is successfully active in 76 villages. You can donate to Swasthya Swaraj and help women in India get access to safe maternal care. 

2. Apna Ghar Ashram

NGO for women : Apna Ghar Ashram

Apna Ghar Ashram’s vision is not to let anyone die due to ill health or lack of shelter. More than 50% of their residents have been rehabilitated. 458 men and 1,004 women currently live in the Ashrams spread across 17 major cities. The Ashram was also awarded the State Award by the State Government as the Best Services Organization. Donating to this NGO for women will help women in India and support destitute and disabled women get a safe and caring home. 

3. Apnalaya

NGO for women : Apnalaya

Started in 1973, Alpnalaya works for women empowerment in India by helping them to overcome the social, political, and economic barriers. They provide sewing classes and train women who otherwise have not been given the choice or opportunity to become financially independent. 209 women have economically benefited from Self Help groups organized by Apnalaya. In 2017, this NGO for women was awarded the Champion Level- GuideStar India Platinum for the highest levels of transparency and public accountability. You can donate to help women in India overcome abuse.

4. Maitri

NGO for women : Maitri

Since its inception in 2005, Maitri has worked with over 45,000 individuals on the issues of social and health problems and public health concerns through education, community outreach, networking, and legal advocacy. The organization has been addressing the issue of violence against women, running a victim support program, and providing support to abandoned elderly widows in Vrindavan. You can help this NGO for women in India by donating online to Maitri and providing clothes and shelter to old age women.  

5. ActionAid India

NGO for women : ActionAid India

ActionAid India is an NGO working for women, part of a global federation ActionAid International has a presence in over 40 countries worldwide. Since 1972, the poor and the excluded have been at the center of their programs in India. Gauravi is the first crisis center set up in India with the help of the Department of Health in 2014 to fight for Indian women’s rights and saving them from domestic violence. Currently, there are 22 Gauravi centers across the country and over 40,000 cases have been registered in the centers. Help ActionAid to help women in India by donating to fund counseling and operations of their shelter homes.

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6. Ashadeep Mission

Ashadeep Mission was initiated to develop a better quality of life for people with mental disabilities. The Navachetana home run by Ashadeep rescues women with mental health issues and provides them with shelter, food, and medical care. They also help these women reunite with their families if possible after treatment. 355 women have been rescued and rehabilitated by Ashadeep till now. These women have been given medical treatment as well as therapy.  A donation to this program will cover the cost of food for a day for the residents.

7. Seven Sisters Development Assistance (SeSTA)

Seven Sisters Development Assistance, an NGO working for women works to create a just and equitable society in Northeast India devoid of poverty. The organization has two programs, leadership programs for the educated youth of North East India and empowering poor rural women through livelihood activities via Self Help Groups (SHGs). Since it was established in 2011, SeSTA has mobilized nearly 8,000 women to form 700 Self Help Groups (SHGs). Your donation to this NGO for women  to sponsor the stipend of a female Executive Trainee in Assam.

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8. Foundation for Mother and Child Health (FMCH)

Foundation for Mother and Child Health works to bring good health and nutritional provisions to vulnerable mothers and children in poor communities. Their programs encourage preventive health, balanced nutrition, and child development practices in underprivileged communities. The programs initiated by FMCH impact close to 927 pregnant and lactating mothers annually. Their services include regular growth monitoring, availability of accurate information, and support from the detection of pregnancy till the child completes two years of age. Donate online for a needy pregnant woman and support this NGO for women.

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9. Majlis Manch

NGO for women : Majlis Manch

Through their program ‘Rahat’, Majlis Manch’s legal center provides socio-legal support to victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. The all-women team of lawyers and social workers meet with victims and explain the process and procedures involved in a court case. They are also told about all the legal, public, and private schemes that they have access to. Further legal help is provided depending upon the case. Your donation will help abuse victims get legal services to fight their battles.

10. Manav Vikas Seva Sangh (MVSS)

Manav Vikas Seva Sangh believes in serving the poor regardless of caste, ethnicity, creed, and religion. They have implemented 65 development projects in the last 24 years with the assistance of national and international development support organizations. The organization helps widows gain independence and financial freedom by helping them purchase livestock and generate income. Donate online to gift financial independence to poor women.

Support an NGO for women to help improve the lives of the women in need and give them an independent life filled with dignity. Have more NGOs to add to this list? Do post your comments in the section below. You can also write to us at rhythm@giveindia.org or call us at 7738714428 for any queries. 

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