How it all began at MGVS

MGVS was set up by Mr. Appasaheb in 1995. Mr. Appasaheb hails from a small village in Vaijapur Taluk of Aurangabad District – that’s where the first project that MGVS undertook was launched. And not surprisingly so because that was the purpose behind setting up MGVS itself – to help the downtrodden from his own village.

After completing 10th grade studies from Vaijapur, Mr. Appasaheb went on to do his Mechanical Engineering in Aurangabad(It was here that one of this professors connected him to ITI). On completing the diploma, he joined an NGO, IRRD, in Aurangabad itself to work with school dropout youth. The mission was to motivate them to complete their education so that it could truly help them get a better job, in turn giving them a brighter life. It was while working here that he began to think of his hometown and the fact that there was no service for the down trodden of any kind. This got him motivated to work for the down trodden back home and he shared this vision with a few of his friends/family who also hailed from the same village. MGVS was thus born with one of his friends, Mr. Mansukh M. Zambad as the first head of the organization. Mr. Zambad, a graduate from Vaijapur itself, is also an industrialist. However, he is a farmer at heart and continues to work on his 300 acres of farmland in rural Vaijapur as he advises and guides the team of MGVS. He believes that this way i.e. working alongside the poor (and motivating them to take ownership of developmental initiatives) can true development be achieved.

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