Lives Changed by Sarthak Prayas

“Enjoy Life!” This piece of advice came from Harsh Arora, Founder and CEO of Sarthak Prayas, multiple times, during my conversations with him. “Harsh” means “happiness,” and he truly has been giving to it to needy individuals who have come across his path. Some of these people are are Param Lal, Archana Devi, Chugli Devi and Mohammad Iliaz.

I heard the story of the married couple Param Lal and Archana Devi with a mist of tears in my eyes. Sitting on his wheelchair, Param Lal shared with me how both of his legs stopped working after he suffered from Polio. His wife, Archana Devi, is also a Polio victim. She lost both her hands and feet due to the disease. Given their physical condition, the couple finds it difficult to earn a living, and hence, there is no source of income in their house. While they do not qualify for Sarthak Prayas’s Ration Distribution program since they are not senior citizens, the organisation provides them with the same every month due to their delicate situation. These rations are their only source of food and, if Sarthak Prayas had not intervened at the right time, the couple would probably have ended up begging on the streets for food.

Chugli Devi’s story is as moving. A very old woman, she lives with her widowed daughter in an empty hut and barely owns any clothing. She used to beg for a living until Sarthak Prayas came to her rescue. She and her widowed daughter have been living off these rations for several months now.

Abandoned by their own children, Mohammad Iliaz and his wife were forced to leave their house and live on the streets. Due to old age and no qualifications, neither of them was able to get a job. But they managed to get a tiny hut in a slum though However, their last resort for income and food was yet begging on the streets. Their decision changed after they learnt about Sarthak Prayas’s ration distribution program from one of their neighbors. They have been receiving rations for the past four months now. Whether it’s an elderly citizen, an adult or a young child, Sarthak Prayas is helping improve lives of as many people as they can.

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