Lives changed by SAMPARC

It is hard to note down how SAMPARC has changed the life of every child that has entered its doors. However, what’s clear is that their destinies have been changed. Because really, God alone knows where life would have taken them if not to SAMPARC; and this thought crosses the minds of anybody who visits this organisation.

Purva’s mother admitted her, along with her 2 sisters, into SAMPARC when their father expired

Ajay Kakade
Ajay Kakade is one of SAMPARC’s many orphan children.

Omkar too is an orphan.

Kamini Wanjare’s father is mentally ill; her disabled mother works as a house help. Unable to provide for her needs, they enrolled her into SAMPARC

Savitri, girl supported by SAMPARC
Savitri’s father, who is a farmer, enrolled her into SAMPARC as he had difficulty in meeting the family’s needs.

Divya, girl supported by SAMPARC
Divya’s mother enrolled her into the government’s Child Welfare Committee when Divya’s father passed away. Today, SAMPARC is home to both mother and daughter.

Kishor, boy supported by SAMPARC
Kishor’s father ran away from home; and mother is a sex-worker. SAMPARC is clearly a better alternative for him.

Chetan, boy supported by SAMPARC
Chetan’s mother enrolled him into Pune’s Child Welfare Committee – when his father ran away and she realised she could not provide for his needs alone. Today, both mother and child live at SAMPARC.

Saurabh’s father is no more. His mother works as domestic help, which does not suffice to take care of herself and him.

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