Lives changed by Blind People’s Association, India

Blind People Association Mansukh
Mansukh was chained and kept in solitary confinement for 25 years as his family did not know how to handle a mentally unstable person.
Blind People Association mansukh
With BPA’s intervention, Mansukh is treated as a human being again.
Blind People Association Kamlesh
When Kamlesh was 8 years old, he was found abandoned in Maninagar. He had found a spot under a lamp post that he used to call home. On examination, the doctors realised that the front of his eyes had been burnt due to acid. On investigation, it was learnt that his step-mother had blinded him, and then abandoned him. With no place to call home, he was adopted by BPA. At the BPA, he began attending school. He also learnt how to play the drums and sing Bhajans. With time, he became everyone’s pet and the BPA staff themselves used to take him home over the holidays.

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