How it began at Towards Future

Supriya Roy, the founder of Towards Future, was actively involved in social service since 1995. Having served as a program manager and even the chief executive officer in various social impact organizations, she says, “This experience and exposure has made me what I am today, and helps me do what I want to do – to reach out to kids in need and help them with their education.”

During her work tenure in one of the organizations, she wasn’t happy with the way the kids were being reached or helped. She felt there was a lacuna there. Instead of complaining or correcting, she moved out and started her own NGO.

Supriya then reached out to her friends and family, sharing her idea. They immediately gave her their consent and agreed to stand by her. “Without their support, I’m not sure if I would have been able to move ahead,” adds Supriya

Hence, with her savings, she set up a small desk at her residence, and began her journey with Towards Future in 2008.

Supriya used to go to nearby areas and government schools to look for kids who are weak in education or those who dropped out. “One of the major challenges I encountered was this area. Sometimes, government school teachers used to cross-question me regarding my taking their kids and giving them good education. I had to go and explain to them couple of times about how my actions would benefit them too,” explains Supriya.

The first center was started at Rajarhat, one of the blocks of North 24 parganas district in Kolkata. Towards Future works in 16 villages of this block Rajarhat. Kids who were weak in studies or had learning disabilities were enrolled into the center.

“Our first breakthrough was when Wipro started to observe our work. They assured us about funding, and supported us majorly. This led to the expansion of the organization,” adds Supriya.

What started as just a dream to serve these kids has now become a pioneer in these kids’ lives, and is helping them carve a path for their future endeavors.

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