An Organization that lives up to its motto.

To the uninitiated, the Neptune Foundation could be seen simply as the corporate social responsibility arm of the Neptune Group, but to the team at both the company and the foundation, it is far more. The Foundation has become the channel through which employees of the Neptune Group, a leading real-estate company, are able to give back to the societies they work in and for. Founded in 2010, just like its buildings, this young organisation has built its foundations on sturdy ground.

Their initiative stretches into several areas, focusing in places where help isn’t as easily accessed or as easily available. These include the abused elderly, HIV positive patients, the mentally ill, the physical and visually impaired.

The elderly are cared for through their old age home, located rurally, amongst the Sahyadri range. When considered a burden by their families, the elderly tend to be mistreated, sometimes up to inhumane levels. The home takes complete care of such seniors, who are being abused in their current living conditions. Built as a sanctuary on three acres of land, the elderly here are well- housed, fed, attended to and served; so that they may live the rest of their lives in peace, health, dignity and with respect.

They also have a rations program in place for families of HIV positive patients, who are undergoing ART treatment. The medication for HIV is now available almost free at BMC hospitals. But another crucial support, which such people need, is to have a good diet. This helps in maintaining their strength and immunity through their recuperation. The organisation gives free rations to patients at The Mulund Maternity Home and Thane Mental Hospital every month; specifically supporting those who struggle to meet their prescribed nutritional requirements.
In an attempt to directly support their own employees, Neptune has developed Mobile Creches at each of their construction sites; for the young children of their labourers who normally have no other choice but to accompany their parents to work. These creches give children a safe, homely and educational environment to spend their days at, instead of in heat and dangers of a construction site.

The organisation has also branched into helping the visually impaired. Research shows that 75% of blindness cases in India are avoidable. Neptune helps the blind with medical funding as well as support in finding employment opportunities in order to make their futures brighter.

Efforts are also directed at those living off the streets of Mumbai. If willing, mentally ill living on the streets, are admitted into their rehabilitation ward. The organisation covers all their living costs and also works closely with them to understand where they’re from in order to reunite them with their families.

A memorable case of a person they helped was that of Meena, a woman who used to frequently beg near Vikhroli Paper Mills. Identified by the Foundation’s staff themselves, they approached Meena one day. Through conversation, they realised that she had great difficulty speaking and even comprehending questions. Further, she had great difficulty remembering her past and seemed to be quite traumatised by her situations. Through continuous interaction, they first built a trusting relationship with her. Then, after securing required permissions from the police, helped her receive the treatment she required. As treatment progressed and her condition slowly improved, more and more clues to the missing years of her life began to surface. Living an abusive marred life, they learnt that she was last seen by her family after a particularly heavy domestic incident over 8 years ago. By piecing the clues together, Neptune was eventually able to get in contact with her brother and son. ,

Her son, who was a very young witness to the horrors, was more than glad to hear of her safety and well-being. The pair have now been reunited and are living in their own safe home where he takes care of her.

By helping people like Meena, the organisation lives up to their motto, “Service to Mankind is Service to God.”

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