How it all began at Neptune Foundation

THE Neptune Foundation has been built under The Neptune Group, one of India’s leading real-estate companies. Social work has been the Group’s focus – even during its initial stages. As it grew brick by brick, there was a clear vision to give back to the communities they lived in. Quite socially conscious, the company strives to follow a high ethical standard, keeping karma in mind. They believe that being fortunate enough to lead decent lives, it is their duty to contribute as much as they can to the less fortunate.

Executive Director Sachin Deshmukh explained to me that this way of thinking about philanthropy comes from his family. Especially his father, whose own philanthropic advances in rural areas influenced him greatly. His father set up a school to help with education where the government hadn’t contributed.

When Sachin set up The Neptune Group, he kept these morals intact. In the initial years, the Group donated money to and supported a variety of NGOs. In order to provide more effective help in areas where it is most needed, they decided to set up their own Foundation. So in 2010, the Neptune Foundation was officially registered, with the old age home as its first venture.

News stories and personal experiences revealed problems which weren’t frequently addressed and for which help wasn’t as widely available. Thus came their Mobile Creches programme, help for mentally ill, destitute and the visually impaired, as well as HIV positive patients. Covering a wide spectrum of causes, the Foundation has developed their own strategies for improving and empowering the lives of the needy. Having recently arrived at a level at which their owners’ equity can sustain the Foundation, they are now looking to attract external support, so as to extend aid to more communities. The dream is that one day they would have spread their aid across the country.

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