How it began at Catalysts For Social Action

Shibani and Vipul Jain are Adoptive parents whose life underwent a sea-change with the adoption of their daughter Saachi. The late Mr. Jinendra Prashad Jain, Vipul’s father was the silent force behind the adoption, convincing Vipul and Shibani that there were other alternatives to biological parenting. The difference that the adoption made to the family and to the child was so over-whelming that the parents wondered why they had waited so long! They felt that something needed to be done to promote this deserving cause.

Bharati Das Gupta the maternal Grandparent shared the sentiment. Already associated with a social cause, she believed that she could balance her existing commitments with the added responsibility of running the cause.

As the CEO of Kale Consultants Ltd., Mumbai (a 1500 employees’, software house), Vipul and other senior managers in the company decided to support the cause and CSA began to operate from the Kale Office in Pune. Vipul walked the talk and Catalysts for Social Action became a reality!

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