How it began at Ashray Akruti

Being witness to the hardships of his hearing-impaired younger brother, Mr D.P.K Babu was motivated to do something for hearing impaired children. Like every older brother he wanted his younger sibling to get the best of education during his formative years. And so this vision of an older brother’s aspiration transpired into reality when he set up Ashray Akruti in 1996 in Hyderabad.

After graduating in Mathematics, Mr. D.P.K Babu trained himself in the field of Speech and Hearing as well as earned a Bachelors and Diploma in Education. These academic qualifications coupled with the drive to make a difference made Mr Babu a force of change – one that only got stronger with time.

It started with helping just five children. From its inception, the organization had a two way training mechanism. First for the kids and second for the parents (which in most cases turned out to be the mothers); training the kids for better learning and training the mothers for better teaching and understanding. Helping children to speak better, counseling of parents, showing them (both the child and parent) the better way of learning things, following good measures in special education, maintaining good quality, taking care of their real needs, providing the children with good hearing aids, were the responsibilities undertaken by Ashray Akruti which enabled hearing disabled children to pick up good speech and language.

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