This grocery store owner likes to make a difference

The next time you take the Tulsi Pipe Road on your way to/from Bandra to South Mumbai, notice the X store along ___ road. Infact, if it’s a ____day morning/afternoon, it’ll be hard to miss the same because of a crowd that would have gathered outside. The crowd are infact beneneficiaries of MESCO’s rations programme who come to collect their rations at the start of every month. But Xji, owner of this store, who was selected as the supplier for this programme way back in 19__ does more than supply the rations. Over the years, cases like X and Y have touched his heart. While costs as well as the scale of the rations do not permit him to wave off the costs, he makes no profits off this. All rations for MESCO are provided at the purchase price of goods themselves. Infact, he himself makes small regular contributions towards the programme too. We salute X as an everyday hero for not using this opportunity for a business advantage!

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