Cyclone Fani – helpline numbers

Cyclone fani has made windfall – we hope that everyone out there is safe. If you know anyone who needs help, please see below for helpline numbers:

Odisha’s emergency helpline number for Cyclone Fani ✆+916742534177

The Railways has also released helpline numbers: 

Bhubaneswar- (0674-2303060, 2301525, 2301625) 

Khurda Road (0674-2490010, 2492511, 2492611) 

Sambalpur (0663- 2532230, 2533037, 2532302) 

Visakhapatnam – (0891- 2746255, 1072) 

Puri- 06752-225922 

Bhadrak- 06784-230827 

Cuttack- 0671-2201865 

Berhampur- 0680-2229632 

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