Changemakers of India: Food for Change

Who could have thought that entertainment and food can play major drivers in charitable works? Battle of the Buffet is one such annual fundraising event jointly organized by CIOSA, Chennai Mission, and United Way Chennai. It facilitates fundraising for the participating charities, subsequently helping them in expanding their supporter base through active networking.

Since its inception in 2009, Battle of the Buffet has cumulatively raised an amount exceeding INR 28 Crore and has helped out 100 different charities throughout the journey. The entire state of Tamil Nadu looks forward to Battle of the Buffet as a unique event which brings together the merits of food, fun, and music to support the non-profits which are working tirelessly to the benefit of our society.

What is the battle all about?


Battle of the Buffet provides non-profits with a platform to exhibit their ongoing work and proposed projects and helps them in reaching out to prospective donors and supporters who strongly feel for a social issue, and are willing to extend a hand of help.

During the SevaMela organized by the BoB team, supporters directly interact with the nonprofits and learn about their day to day functioning and future targets. The NGOs who show interest in participation have to go through a due diligence process set up by LetzChange and the BoB team. They are allowed in only if they are vetted and verified entities in possession of the mandatory 12A and 80G certifications. The transparent approach adopted by the Battle of the Buffet inspires trust in the heart of donors and they contribute with full faith in the system to a non-profit of their choice.

The donor can easily donate to a participating NGO through the LetzChange platform either by donating directly to a charity or by purchasing a donor pass for the Battle of the Buffet Gala. There is also a provision of donating to “Common Pool”. The money received in Common Pool is utilized for the diverse projects run by the participating non-profits.

Battle of the Buffet 2018


This year’s edition of the program, Battle of the Buffet 2018, met with an incredible success with our partner charities raising an amount exceeding Rs.1.5 Crore with the help of 2000+ supporters. LetzChange, Give’s crowdfunding platform, congratulates all participating nonprofits for the excellent work they put in, and consequently the results they have reaped during the Battle of the Buffet 2018.

Nonprofits all across the country work hard to empower the underprivileged, and with a little more assistance, they can drive significant changes in the lives they are trying to repair. Many nonprofits are slowly making a transition from the slow offline mode of fundraising to the online mode which is faster, more secure, and completely hassle-free. But since this involves bearing the online payment gateway charges, they often shy away from opting for the more convenient option of crowdfunding.

Here is where LetzChange comes into play. We at LetzChange want the best for our charities and try to help them out by providing them with step by step technological assistance. We are a zero percent fee platform, which means that all the donations made to a charity on LetzChange are directly disbursed to the non-profit without any deductions.

We facilitate the expansion of supporter bases of our partner NGOs by providing them with necessary guidance, support, and technological help. With the help of our peer-to-peer fundraising tools, the NGOs can use their existing social network to spread the word about the good work they do.

The Gala Night

Speaking of the Battle of the Buffet 2018 gala night, it was an absolute hit amongst the audience who attended it and got the privilege to watch the great singer Shankar Mahadevan performing live. The gala night also brought in a lot of unanticipated happiness for Team LetzChange, for the entire team was felicitated by the Battle of the Buffet Committee and Mr. Shankar Mahadevan for the contributions made towards the successful conduction and closure of the entire event.

Team LetzChange takes pride in the fact that we were able to bring together the charities and their existing and prospective donors for Battle of the Buffet 2018, and look forward to being of assistance to all the partner non-profits in the further versions of the program. And while we prepare for the upcoming ventures, we once again congratulate the non-profits who worked very hard to make this event into the grand success it turned out to be.

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